Angie Madeline

The cheer squad took home first in their division and grand champions of the entire compretition.

Jolene Pritts, News Writer

The Wildcat cheerleaders had a competition on Saturday, January 21 in Lisbon, where they received first place in their division, and were the grand champions of the entire competition.

Cheer competitions are where students from freshmen to seniors compete to be at the top. They would work long hours to perfect their routine. Their competition was a tough one to beat, but they pulled it together and got to the top.

They gave it their all and earned a score that proved it.

“I feel like the hard work that we put in made it such an amazing performance,” says junior cheerleader Ava Pokopatz.

In order to get such a good score, the cheerleaders will have to have confidence, focus on the routine and know the rules of the competition. They have to do a bunch of stunts, tumbling, jumps, and have good timing/rhythm.

The cheerleaders have to do a lot to remember everything they practiced. It can cause them to stress. But, they have to put that all behind and have fun.

“Yes, at some points it was very stressful and we needed a break, but then we collected ourselves and did it again,” says senior cheerleader Sophia Kavorous.

Even though the whole new cheer process can be stressful, they have a lot of fun moments. During their time practicing, they get to know others better.

They treat each other like their own family.

“I feel that we did really well and that all the girls tried their best,” says freshman cheerleader Alanna White.

The Struthers cheerleaders had some ups and downs during their practices. The stress of it all mixed with the thrill of the competition. They did their best and pulled through.