Carley Johnston, News Writer

For the first time in a hot minute, a Sweethearts dance is taking place on Saturday, February 18, at Saint Nick’s Hall from 7 – 9 p.m.

After years of trying for a winter dance, it’s finally time. It’ll be a semi-formal dance that can be attended by either a date or just a group of friends. It’s not going to be too crazy, but it’ll be a nice little event with a photo booth, finger foods, desserts, and just dancing and having fun with friends, or a date.

From freshman to seniors, the students are happy to have the tradition return.

“I’m going with a date, and I think it’s just going to be a time to just have fun and enjoy ourselves,” says junior Naijer Howard.

A Valentine’s Day dance used to be a yearly tradition, but somehow it stopped. Even some of the teachers are excited for it to return.

Mrs. Lambert, who’s one of the Senior Class Officers, had one every year when she was in high school, and now is helping with the planning of this one, along with Mrs. Mickler.

“Putting a dance together in three weeks is a lot to handle, but I think Mrs. Mickler and I can handle it. I think it’ll be a success, because when I was in high school, we had a Sweethearts dance here, and the kids really enjoyed it. I’m hoping we can bring the tradition back to a yearly basis,” says Mrs. Lambert.

“As the dance gets closer, it might be a little stressful, but right now it isn’t; the main focus is getting a count at the moment. Once it gets going, it can be a little stressful, but I don’t really get stressed, so we’ll be fine. Hopefully, we can continue to have a winter dance, as long as it succeeds,” adds Mrs. Mickler.

Nothing is really set in stone, as it’s the first year the dance has returned in a while, but the excitement is still there, no matter if someone has a date or is even just going alone.

It’ll definitely be a nice break for students to see each other in a school setting, without all of the work and stress of the third quarter.

“I’m just going with friends, and I hope to just have some fun and make memories that I can look back on for years to come,” says freshman Alyssa Emerson.