Brooke Adams

Mary Williams is a senior bowler for the Cats.

Sophia Kavouras, Feature Editor

Mary Williams is a senior bowling player at the high school preparing for her last moments on the team. 

“It’s going great. I love how the season is looking for us, and I am really proud of everyone on the team and love seeing everyone’s improvement including my own,” says Williams. 

Williams loves the excitement of the game; she enjoys being able to do what she needs to do for the team. 

“I love the thrill of the sport and being able to accomplish so many things with it. I also have just loved bowling since I was little, so seeing all these accomplishments we have achieved has made me love it even more,” says Williams.

The Lady Cats senior night was on Monday, February 6th. They defeated Howland at home. 

The girls are NE8 champions again for the second time in a row. 

“It makes me feel amazing because yes I have been working for it for the past four years, but all the girls on the team have been putting in all of this work, and it’s great seeing that we’ve gotten it 2 years in a row now,” says Williams.

The Bowler is proud of all her accomplishments and is proud of her highest score. 

“Jefferson has been our best match for the season with a whole set of 2319; my personal best is a 443 set with games of 213 and 230,” says Williams.

The senior wishes she would have put more effort into practicing in her early years. 

“It’s hard to think about one thing that I would have done differently throughout my four years of playing, but I wish I could have put more effort into practicing more my freshman and sophomore years,” says the senior. 

Williams plans on going to YSU to further her education and coming back to go to bowling leagues on weekdays. 

“I don’t plan on playing while I am in college for a college team, but I do plan on going into leagues that Holiday has throughout the week, whether it’s two or three. I just don’t want to quit bowling,” says Williams. 

Williams has been making every last moment count of her bowling career in high school. 

“The season ending is making me more and more sad because I don’t think a lot of the realization of me not doing it anymore has hit me. The other day was my last away match I would ever bowl in, and I just thought about how much I will miss it after the next few weeks are over,” says the bowler.