Brooke Adams

Robbie Gelonese is a freshman basketball player for the Cats.

Nadia Galazia, Feature Writer

Robbie Gelonese is a freshman athlete at Struthers High School. He played football this past season for the Wildcats. Right now he is playing basketball and running outdoor track.

Gelonese has a lot of passion and interest for football; he has been playing since he was in elementary school. But if he had to pick a favorite sport that is in season, it would be track.

The freshman athlete does long jump in track. He finds it fun to jump into the sand, and he has been doing it since seventh grade.

“Football is my favorite but right now between basketball and track it would be track. I like long jump because I find it fun to land in the sand,” says Gelonese.

Gelonese has been playing basketball since he was in the fifth grade with his friends by his side.

The athlete likes the thrill of playing defense on the court, and it comes easy to him. He gets tough on defense and helps the team out a lot.

“I have been playing since fifth grade. My favorite part about basketball is playing defense because it’s so easy, and I like to get tough on defense,” says the football player.

Gelonese plans on continuing with his passion of playing all sports he is participating in. 

The athlete is very interested in sports and playing them with his friends. He hopes to be successful in the future. 

“I want to play as many sports as I can until high school is over. Also after high school, I would like to continue playing sports,” says the freshman.