Brooke Adams

Mrs. Edwards has been the yearbook advisor for three years.

Gianna Cannon, Feature Editor

Ms. Edwards has been teaching in the Struthers City School district for the past 17 years.

The Perry High School graduate began working as a supervisor and estimator at a sign company in Akron prior to gaining her bachelor’s degree in Science in Education from Youngstown State University. Furthering her opportunities, Edwards also received her Masters of Science in Education from Walden University.

The adjustment from college to teaching proved to be an extensive experience.

“You learn what to teach in college, but you really don’t learn how to teach until you are actually in front of students. It’s on the job training and you have to be ready for whatever comes your way,” says Edwards. 

Edwards holds a few different titles in the district; she is the intervention specialist for the math department, yearbook adviser, and lead mentor/program coordinator. In regards to the yearbook elective, students can gain a significant amount of real world experiences in creating and selling a book. They can gain sales techniques, photography and writing skills, how to talk to people they don’t know, and how to collaborate with others. 

Because it is her third year advising the yearbook, the educator has gained a lot of knowledge from her experiences thus far. 

“There is so much to learn about making the yearbook, from deciding on a theme, designing pages, learning the computer program, selling books, selling ads, taking photos, interviewing people, and all the information you need to gather to build the book,” says the intervention specialist. 

The yearbook staff ensures that as many students as possible are represented through the book. The photographers have a goal of putting each student in the yearbook at least three times. If students choose to join athletics or additional extracurricular activities such as clubs, that will increase their chances of being in the yearbook more frequently. 

The intervention specialist wishes that students take away something positive from the class. 

“I hope students gain skills and experience that will help them explore more jobs or learning opportunities after high school. But mostly, I hope students have fun and feel satisfaction in creating something that will become a part of the school forever,” says the teacher. 

Edwards leaves the student body with the theme of the 74th edition of the book, hoping to peak their interests. “Through The Eyes of A Wildcat” is the 2022-23 theme, which was decided upon during a yearbook event held at Sebring High School in the fall of 2022.