Faith Stellato

Katie Morris, sophomore, is ready to hit the diamond.

Natalie Burosky, Feature Writer

Sophomore Katie Morris is the pitcher for the girls’ softball team. 

The season starts mid-to-late March, but the girls have been getting practice a couple of times a week. 

Morris has been attending these practices as much as she can so she can be ready for the season. 

“We lift twice a week as well as hit once a week. I attend as many practices as I can, but on top of all that, all of the pitchers and our catchers also practice twice a week,” says Morris. 

Last season didn’t go too bad for the girls, but this season is looking to be a lot better. 

Morris enjoyed every second she could get out of the season, even watching the older girls play. 

“Last season was pretty good. Our JV season was very short because of a lot of canceled games. Though I wasn’t a part of the varsity team until the end of the season, I got to watch their games and they always played well together,” says Morris. 

The season coming up is looking very good as the underclassmen are coming up. 

Morris, along with all of the other girls, are putting in the work so they can have a successful season this year. 

“I think this season will be good for both teams because a lot of underclassmen have been willing to step up and into positions that take time to learn. We all work very hard to get better for the upcoming season and everyone shows a lot of progress throughout the preseason which makes me very confident that this season will be good,” says the pitcher.