Katie Morris

Katelyn Kimble is a guard for the Ladycats.

Grady Moore, Sports Writer

The Struthers Lady Cats are off to a great start this season with a record of 11-3 in the NE8 league.

The girls have had a rough couple of seasons, but they knew that this could be their year. They have an overall record of 14-8, and they are sitting at second in the league right now.

If they would have beat Poland it would have been a huge win for them, moving them into first place in the league.

“I wish we could have pulled the win against Poland to be first, but being second in the league is still an accomplishment,” says Katelyn Kimble, a forward on the girls’ team.

The girls have managed to keep a positive attitude and mindset despite not reaching their main goal of winning the conference this year. Although they did not win the conference, they believe they have a good shot in the playoffs.

The girls have goals as an overall team and also personal goals they work towards in the games and practice in order to have their best chance at winning the game.

“I always try to keep the energy up and encourage my team to keep their heads up,” says Kimble.

Going into the postseason, the team knows they will have to make some sort of a change to turn it up. They have big standards for the team this season and are working extremely hard to achieve them.

The coaching staff is extremely supportive throughout the season and especially towards the end of the season.

“We have a great coaching staff that knows how to make us play as a team and keep our energy up,” says Kimble.

The girls are not done yet; they are just getting started.