Jerrod Calhoon is leading the Penguins to a successful season.

Andrew Kopnicky, Sports Writer

The YSU Men’s Basketball Team just finished up the first half of their season and came off a big win over Oakland, which was nationally televised. Before the big game, they lost to Milwaukee, 88-75 on Saturday, January 21.

Dwayne Cohill is leading the team with an average of 17.6 points per game. Brandon Rush is not too far behind with only 14.1 points per game.

The Penguins have 1924 total points throughout the season. They are averaging 83.7 points per game.

The Penguins had a tough opponent, Wright State coming up on February 2nd.

“You’re seeing you know competitive teams, so I think our guys are coaching staff crazy to look at Wright State. I mean they’re one of the most storied programs in the league. They went to the NCAA tournament last year and they’ve won four out of their last six games,” says Head Coach Jerrod Calhoun.

Adrian Nelson is leading the Penguins this season with 9.2 rebounds per game.

The Penguins are 17-6 on the season and are 9-2 at home.

“When you think of Youngstown you think of you know really two sports right you think of boxing, and you think of football. We’ve got so many NFL players, so many great coaches, so many world champs,” says Calhoun.

Dwayne Cohill also leads the team with 52% from the three-point line.

Josh Irwin is close behind just shooting 50% from the three.

“Most of our guys if they’re open they’re shooting the ball, so to be able to pursue that ball when the shot’s up um I think if you know a want to shoot selection and then really getting comfortable with one another throughout the season,” says Calhoun.