Myles Garrett is a standout for the Cleveland Browns.

Tyler Hobart, Sports Writer

Myles Garrett in his whole career is a monster and is very young.

At the beginning of Myles Garrett’s career, he was insane. As a senior, he was six four and two hundred, which is crazy for a high schooler. In his high school career, he had 172 tackles, 33.5 sacks, and 3 forced fumbles with one interception which is spectacular for a high schooler. He was one of the top athletes in his class. The offensive lineman he went against said he felt helpless trying to block him.

Garrett says, “If you go in there with a mindset that you’re gonna turn things around and make that contagious, and people start to believe in it, you can turn into a winning program wherever you go.” I really like this quote because it shows how he is a team player and is very inspirational

He has proven to many in high school that he will make it far.

In college, Garrett was pretty good too. He had multiple offers but chose to go to Texas A and M. In his college career, he had 141 tackles, 31 sacks, 1 interception for 4 yards, and 7 forced fumbles. He only played 3 years of college and declared for the NFL Draft.

Garrett says, “Knowing that guys are out there improving and trying to take it to that next level, gives me fire to improve my play and work on these little things that can keep me from dominating a game.”

That is really good for a college player and will continue to prove how good he is.

Garrett went in the first round as the first pick in the NFL Draft. He has proven to be one of the best at his position ever. His career so far in the NFL has been impressive. Garrett has played 6 seasons for the Browns. He has 177 solo tackles, 86 assists, 74.5 sacks and 4 fumble recoveries. He was selected to play in one Pro Bowl.

He has proven to be very good.

Garrett stated, “When I’m doing sports, I don’t feel anything at all. I enjoy the moment. It’s a safe haven. But once you try to let someone inside your soul, you become vulnerable. You have to be comfortable in your own skin. I don’t open myself up like that to a lot of people. It takes courage.”