Robbie Decerbo, Sports Writer

The Steelers barely kept head coach Mike Tomlins’s record of never having a losing season alive.

The Steelers season has officially come to an end. They finished with a record of 9-8, keeping Coach Tomlins’s streak alive.

They had a winning season, but Tomlin expected more.

“This offseason thing, I don’t know that I’ve pondered that. I was preparing for the potential of next week,” he says.

Although this season wasn’t a success, the Steelers do have a lot of young talent going into next year.

Getting young players prepared can be a key contributor to Steelers success next season, such as George Pickens and Kenny Pickett.

“This season Pickens had 52 receptions for 801 yards with his average being 15.4 yards and a long of 42 yards. He also had four touchdowns,” says analyst LeeAnn Lowman.

The Steelers also need to focus on drafting players and signing free agents in order to be successful.

The Steelers are likely to draft a linebacker or a corner in the first round.

“Pittsburgh nabs a potential CB1 here, selecting Illinois CB Devin Witherspoon,” says Johnathan Heitritter from Steelers Depot.

The Steelers could do well next season depending on if they do things right in the off-season or not.