Deon Sanders is the new head coach at Colorado.

Brady Clyde, Sports Writer

Deion Sanders pumps a crazy amount of talent heading to Colorado after he was hired to be the head coach, earning 29.5 million dollars with his years to come at Colorado.

Collegiate athletes all over the world have found their way into what is called a transfer portal, a “portal” where you can enter if you don’t get playing time or don’t like your time at that certain school allowing you to transfer elsewhere.

The portal has turned the college football world upside down with more than 1,000 players seeking a new home. Incoming University of Colorado Coach Deion Sanders, a disruptive marketing machine, has leveraged this changed landscape as well as anyone.

There are a lot of pros and cons of the portal and Deion is getting most of the benefits.

“It benefits coaches who are personable, recruits are trying to gauge whether they will have a personal connection with the (head) coach and whether they will fit within their culture,” says Sanders.

Colorado, only winning one game last year already has a massive change in the roster only within two months of Deion being there. He has 42 new scholarship players and 26 from the portal.

No other college football coach has ever gained the publicity Deion is receiving while every single kid wants to play for him.

“In my position, I play (defensive back). Coach Prime is the best DB, so I just want to be in the same shoes,” says McClain to 247 Sports, as this is the second year in a row where Deion gets the top player in the recruiting class.

He has brought his son with him from Jackson State to be the quarterback at Colorado, and he is getting the recognition from big names such as Urban Meyer as he thinks Shedeur, his son and Travis Hunter, the number one recruit in last year’s class, are going to flip the Buffalos around.

Meyer says it will take time, but Sanders was the right move for this program.

“I think he’s going to flip it. Nothing crazy in the first year, but in the first couple years, I’d say certainly a bowl game and an eight or nine-win season,” says Meyer.

It will be interesting to see what Deion does with Colorado for this upcoming season as they will for sure be the team to watch and follow for the 2023-2024 season.