The Steelers beat the Browns on January 3.

Robert Carcelli, Sports Writer

The Cleveland Browns squared off against the Pittsburgh Steelers for their second matchup of the year on January 3.

Per usual, this game meant nothing to the Browns but the Steelers, on the other hand, were still fighting for a playoff spot.

Although the Browns players have nothing to play for, they are not morally defeated. Myles Garrett still looked forward to the game.

Myles Garrett enjoys playing the Steelers because of their rivalry. When playing rivals, the games are always tougher.

“We consider them our rivals. …If we can’t make it, we’re definitely going to make sure those guys can’t. …We’re going to do everything in our power,” says Pro Bowl DE Myles Garrett.

Another huge part of the Browns success are the hogs up front. The Browns were ranked just outside the top 5 offensive lines this season.

Out of the five total offensive lineman on the team, two of them made the Pro Bowl this season. Joel Bitonio and Wyatt Teller have made their mark on the league as some of the best at their position.

“It would be huge for us, they’ve been a very, very good franchise. At least my whole career, they’ve been very good. They’ve done some good things. For us to get a second win against them in Pittsburgh, I think would be a big thing for us. We’re treating it like a very important game for us.” says starting left guard Joel Bitonio.

This was QB Deshaun Watson’s first matchup versus the Steelers as a Brown. The Browns vs Steelers rivalry is a whole different story; it’s not the same as any other game.

Watson is still knocking off some rust after returning a few weeks ago after missing over 700 days of football. It can be very hard to get back into the groove of playing especially in the NFL.

“When we all get on the same page and operate with precision, I think you can see that we can be really dangerous through the air,” says head coach, Kevin Stefanski when talking about his offense. Watson was once an MVP contender and the Browns need to get him back to the player he once was.

Even though the Steelers won, they were still eliminated from playoff contention because of a Miami Dolphins win. Now both teams prepare for next season as there are no playoffs for either of them.