Angie Madeline

Clyde helped the Cats beat rival Poland.

Devin Braham, Sports Writer

The Poland Bulldogs beat the Struthers Wildcats on Tuesday January 31st to split the season series.

It was a big rival game where we could have won the series and would have set Struthers up for a better shot to win the NE8.

The Cats started the game off hot leading 19-9 in the first quarter and finished the half with a score 29-28 with Poland leading, after the momentum was lost suddenly after a referee suddenly collapsed during the game.

Forward Brady Clyde thinks this crazy moment in the game was the reason for the Bulldogs comeback.

“I feel like when we went back in the locker room, the momentum switched,” says Clyde.

This game was extremely important for the Cats; not only was it a rival game, but it was an important game for the team to win to have a better chance at winning the NE8.

Clyde thinks this was an important game to win.

“This game was important for our chances to get the NE8 but we can still bounce back,” says Clyde.

The Wildcats are hoping to keep moving forward and use this game as momentum to help them beat other teams.

Clyde thinks that the Cats are going to use this game as momentum going into the next couple games.

“This game will definitely fuel our energy for the next couple games because we want revenge,” says Clyde.