Madison Marshall, Entertainment Writer

The not well-known horror film “In The Tall Grass” has the very well known actor Patrick Wilson, who is most known for his appearance in the very popular “The Conjuring” franchise.

“In The Tall Grass” is an one hour and 30 minute film that starts off with the two sibling main characters Cal and Becky; they are driving on their way to meet the family she was surrogating for but then they stop on the side of the road and hear a little boy screaming for help from the tall grass. Throughout the movie, the watchers see that the grass causes a time loop multiple times throughout.

With  just one hour and 30 minutes,  writer Vincenzo Natali  did not fail with the writing of this movie, the conflict and suspense it shows with the story is honestly quite amazing. There are a lot of positive responses from this movie though it is quite underrated, when you’re on the topic of horror movies this one will most likely not come up in your conversation.

“In the Tall grass” covers a crazy time loop throughout the whole movie. The characters keep coming back somehow, and if they were to not break the chain and find a way out  the loop would have gone on forever. The time loop ended by one of the characters sacrificing himself to help everyone else get out and end the loop.

In all,  “In The Tall Grass” is most recommended for teens and adult audiences. Overall, it is rated 8.5/10.