Christian Dorsett, Entertainment Writer

“Bleach TYBW” episode four begins with the Quincy’s overpowering the soul reapers in the soul society in an invasion. Hundreds of soul reapers were massacred during this surprise attack from the Quincys.

After seeing their subordinates defeated, the captains of the 13 squads sprung into action. These captains were able to manage to hold some of the enemies at bay but not for long. Some captains were starting to get overpowered; they had no other choice but to use their trump cards (bankai). They previously believed that the enemy had a way to seal away one’s bankai, but soon found they were actually being stolen. Four captains had their bankais stolen. Some soul reapers try to get into contact with Ichigo for assistance. They manage to call for his help. Ichigo finishes off his current opponent and starts to go to the Soul Society. 

It was very stupid to have the captains waste their bankai. They believed it would help them in battle even though they already knew the Quincys had a way to seal bankai. Using bankai served no help in their current battle and now have given up their only trump card to the enemy.

There was a lot of emotion in this episode. The soul reapers didn’t hesitate to lay down their lives for their home. They fought valiantly to try and stop the enemy. The captains gave up their bankai to try and protect the Soul Society. 

Overall, this episode deserves a 9/10. This episode leaves people on the edge of their seats and waiting to see what happens next. There was plenty of emotion, and the fights were animated amazingly.