Abby Donnadio, Entertainment Writer

“Enough” is a very old movie from 2002. There are a lot of adventures and changes in this movie when Slim Hiller (Jennifer Lopez) tried to get away from her abusive husband.

Hiller was a server at a restaurant when she met a guy that liked her. She was married and had a child with her husband. After a while, she realized that her husband made the guy at the restaurant try to get her to talk to him because her husband was controlling. Every day her husband came home from work and then left and always told Hiller she couldn’t leave and he would always hit her. The first time he ever hit her, she tried sneaking away with her daughter, but he caught them and hit her again. She even tried going to a hotel to get away and to keep her daughter safe, but he somehow knew where she was everytime. 

The movie had a couple things that should have been changed, but the ending should have shown her getting away from the relationship. This movie was really about an abusive relationship. Hiller was getting abused, but it never showed her escaping. It could make people feel like you can’t get away from abusive relationships.

The movie was set up well and definitely can make people want to keep watching because it was very interesting. It shows that you can escape from an abusive relationship because of all of the things Hiller did. One thing that made it really good was when Hiller did everything she could to make sure her child was happy. 

A lot of people do recommend this movie to families to watch because it’s a very good movie, and it can keep a lot of people interested and people can learn from this. This movie is worth a 9/10 rating.