Mia Clyde, Entertainment Writer

The admirable TV series “One Tree Hill” came out with another bang with the premier of season three, which came out on October 5, 2005. 

Season three of “One Tree Hill” brings back it’s elite cast Chad Michael Murray (Lucas Scott), James Lafferty (Nathan Scott), Hilarie Burton (Peyton Sawyer), Bethany Joy Lenz (Haley James) and Sophia Bush (Brooke Davis), with new cast member Danneel Ackles (Rachel Gatina). During this season, a heartbroken Haley returns from her big rock tour to find a numb Nathan leaving for basketball camp for the summer. Furthermore, the episode fast forwards three months and as the summer comes to a close, Nathan’s return from basketball camp leads Haley to try and do anything to win him back. Meanwhile, senior year is beginning and Lucas and Brooke start a “friends with benefits” relationship after Brooke comes back from her fashion design internship, leaving the two with unwanted feelings for each other. As the season progresses, relationships and the senior season of basketball only gets wilder in Tree Hill. 

Although the beginning of season three has a rocky start, a really inspiring and heartwarming feature is Peyton finally meeting her birth mother. Peyton’s mom, Ellie is a musician and gave her up because of the busy and unsustainable life she had and did not want to give Peyton that life. Their relationship is rough at first to say the least, but as the season progresses they realize how alike they actually are and find that music actually brings them closer. Peyton and Ellie soon discover the mother-daughter relationship neither of them ever had and experience it together. 

Additionally, another big part of season three was Haley and Nathan getting back together after being separated for most of season two. Fans were distraught over the way Haley left Nathan to go on her rock tour in the middle of season two, but were happy to find that the two’s love was too strong for them to give up on it, which sends a great message to audiences. After nine episodes of Haley trying to get Nathan back after leaving him, he finally gives in and the two finally reconcile and get back together. This time, their relationship grows even stronger than it was before Haley left and the two get married again, but this time in front of their friends and family and not just before a judge in a courthouse. Fans find that one of their favorite parts of season and were relieved when the two became stronger than they ever were. 

All in all, season three of  “One Tree Hill” was heartwarming and relieving in many ways. It reconciled relationships, started the characters’ senior year and bloomed a beautiful  mother-daughter bond. This season was loved by many and was one of the most viewed “One Tree Hill” seasons in history. It is recommended for ages fourteen and up and is one of the most iconic seasons in the “One Tree Hill” franchise.