Jadeveon Clowney is Defensive End for the Cleveland Browns.

Caleb Isenberg, Sports Writer

The Cleveland Browns could be losing one of their defensive players.

Jadeveon Clowney believes he is leaving the Cleveland Browns after this season.

After his second season in Cleveland, the pass rusher said he wants to go where he’s valued.

Clowney believes he is not valued by the Browns.

“I just feel like I need to be around somebody that believes in me and my ability,” says Clowney.

Clowney predicts that after Sunday’s game is his final game with the Cleveland Browns.

He might not come back to the Browns.

“Ninety-five percent sure I won’t be back,” states Clowney to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Clowney implied that the team hasn’t been using him properly, and he has more left in the tank as long as a team is willing to give him a chance.

Clowney believes he is not being used to his full potential with the Cleveland Browns.

“[The Browns] got their own guys, and I ain’t one of them, so it’s time for me to get my exit slip,” says Clowney, adding to his statement about the Browns.

Clowney has generated two sacks this season after netting nine in his first season with the team.