Brooke Adams

Owen Eisenbraun is a freshman bowler on the varsity team.

Clare Coppola, Sports Writer

The boys’ bowling team is more than halfway through their season and are having a really good year.

The boys are 2nd in the conference right now.

The boys were tied at first for their conference before their loss to Hubbard on Tuesday, January 11th. The boys lost 2178- 2379.

Owen Eisenbraun is a starting freshman on the team this year. He reflected on the match against Hubbard.

“Everyone stayed consistent and we made our spares; everyone stayed constantly above 180,” says Eisenbraun.

Even though the boys lost, they bowled really well and tried their hardest, especially when they were down a starter.

The next time they play Hubbard, Eisenbraun has plans to win.

“Make more spares and all together have a better mindset going into it and bowl the best we can,” says Eisenbraun.

As the seasons winding down, they are looking to the future and how to make the team better.

Eisenbraun gives advice for anyone who wants to join the team.

“Take it seriously, put effort in, make sure you listen to your coach,” says Eisenbraun.