Grady Moore

Grady Moore, junior, is an asset to the basketball team this season.

Devin Braham, Sports Writer

The Struthers Wildcats beat the Poland Bulldogs on January 6th in an away game.

This game was very important. Struthers and Poland are rivals, so beating them in an away game was huge for the team.

The Struthers Wildcats are 6-4. Everyone had high expectations for the Poland game. Everyone was there in the student section and supported the team. Everyone was screaming and many lost their voices.

Player Grady Moore was asked if he thought the student section helps the team perform better.

“Absolutely, if we start getting on a run and hear that student section roar, it makes the game 10x better and gives us even more energy,” says Moore.

Winning that game was very important for the Cats; beating their rivals at their home court is very big. It is a big confidence booster for the team.

Athlete Grady Moore thinks beating Poland was an amazing feeling.

“It felt great. Beating your rival team is always fun but going to their school and beating them is the best feeling you can have,” says Moore.

In the game against Poland, the Cats had an amazing game both offensively and defensively. With Nick Delgrata leading the team in scoring with 29 points, the Cats beat the Poland Bulldogs with a final score of 62-58.

Moore thinks they beat the Bulldogs by playing to their strengths.

“We executed all of our plays very well on the offensive side and on the defensive side, we knew their strengths, so we tried to take those away as much as possible,” says Moore.