Mia Rodriguez, News Writer

With 2022 coming to an end, freshman Aurora Rihel gets recognized as Student of the Month at Struthers High School.

Rihel is new to the high school, being only a freshman, and is already getting herself involved in different activities. She is a cheerleader for both football and basketball season and is always trying to stay involved in things around the school.

This cheerleader is trying to achieve big things while in high school and stay as involved as possible.

“It’s a new environment. I love that we have more freedom. I also am already doing cheer but no clubs,” says Rihel.

Rihel is also very active in the classroom, always participating and trying to go above and beyond. She also tries to help her peers around her and make them better along with herself.

Rihel is very open to help others achieve this goal she has done and gives advice for students reaching for it.

“I always give 100% with all of my school work, and I’m kind to other students and teachers. The advice I would give is to be kind and try your best in every class,” says Rohel.

She is also a fantastic role model and makes sure she is standing out, which is most likely why she got picked. When a student gets recognized for this type of achievement, it boosts his/her confidence and makes him/her feel like a great individual.

Rihel was super excited to get chosen and wants to keep on achieving great things.

“It’s really cool getting Student of the Month, and I was very happy about it. My performance in the classroom is always paying attention, caring about what I’m doing and asking questions when I’m confused,” says Aurora.

The other students who got picked for Student of the Month include Brandon Duarte, Carter Creighton and Antoine Black.