Jolene Pritts, News Writer

At Struthers High School, on January 10-12, classes held midterms to gauge how well the students are learning in each subject.

Midterms are worth a good amount of the students’ grade. The midterm grade will be its separate section on the report card. It is called a midterm because it is a review over the semester or the first half of the school year.

Many students start to feel worried about what is going to be on the test or what grade they will get on it. The other students’ midterm results will decide if they move on to the next grade level.

“I always seem to get very stressed around this time because trying to remember all the way back to the first day is very stressful and even more so because of the breaks in between,” says student Gabrielle Gutierrez.

For the midterms and finals, students will get vouchers. Vouchers are a piece of paper that students will receive if they went to school and did what they were supposed to, such as not getting in trouble. The students who did what they were supposed to would get a total of 6 vouchers. The students can either save their vouchers to skip on some of the finals, or they can use them on their midterms.

Midterms were on Tuesday the 10th and Thursday the 12th. The students had a little over a week to prepare for the exam.

“I think I’m prepared for midterms because I’ve been studying for them, asking questions and taking notes,” says student Savanna Maizel-Anzevino.

The students will have approximately 75 minutes to complete their exam.

Students will think that midterms should get easier, or they will get less nerve racking.

“As a junior who didn’t take midterms as a freshman, they don’t get any less nerve-racking, it just becomes a little easier to deal with. To the freshmen: don’t stress too much, it’s just another test, you got this,” says junior Carley Johnston.

In Struthers, there are many students that get stressed over midterms and finals. At the end of the school year, students will have finals. Finals are just like midterms; the only difference between the two are that finals are over what has been taught over the second half of the year or the whole school year, and midterms are over what has been taught over half the school year.