Carley Johnston, News Writer

Here at Struthers High, there’s so many different sports, but there’s also a whole lot of clubs and electives to get students involved in who might not be sports people.

For future mathematicians, there’s a new math club this year which was started because of Mr. Garcar and Mr. Matzye. For the first time, the two math teachers are teaming up to create a club about math. Not just the average geometry and algebra problems, but their focus is more about using math in real life.

“Our goal is to try and look at math in a different way, more real-world ideas. We want to focus more on problem solving and how math applies to everyday life. We’re almost making it up as we go and focusing on what the students want to see. The first time we met, one of the things that stuck out was math like how it is in a game show, and we’ve talked about brain teasers, logic puzzles and just a variety of ideas where math is involved, not necessarily math concepts,” says Mr. Garcar.

“We just want to try and make you think, in a different way but also in a fun way. It’s not for everyone, but we’d like to get people interested in math. It’s not that bad once you understand it, and it can be interesting to see people actually enjoy math when it’s in a different setting,” says Mr. Matzye.

To the people who want to get involved, but may not want to do too much outside of school, maybe Digital Media is the right choice. The Digital Media class is taught by Mr. Zanni, and they broadcast a wide variety of things, from elementary school activities, sporting events, etc. However, you can always count on them for the Jungle Report in the mornings.

They recently started the Weekly Wrap-Up this past year. The Weekly Wrap-Up consists of the students in Digital Media II, who mainly highlight different people, teachers and events going on in the school. One of these students is Josh Robison, a junior.

“Since there’s only a few Digital Media II students, we needed something a little more advanced. Mr. Zanni came to us with this idea once a week that covers a wide variety of topics. We just keep doing it week by week and doing the best we can with it. What personally drew me to the class was the sports broadcasting part, but I didn’t really know what else I was getting into. Digital Media I students are the ones who do the Jungle Report every day, as well as different sport broadcasts during whatever season it is. I highly recommend this class; it’s been my favorite since I’ve been here. Between all of the camera work, interacting with others, and just everything overall, I’m glad I took it,” says Robison.

Another class to take to become involved is the journalism class. Journalism is taught by Mrs. Mickler, and they run the Student Prints Website, which contains all of our school news and events, as well as articles written by the students themselves. Whether it’s entertainment or sports, news or articles featuring students and teachers, they have it covered.

Jolene Pritts, a freshman, is taking Journalism for the first time this year. She is a news writer for the site.

“For me personally, of the electives I could have taken, this one seemed like the best choice. I’m very glad I did, because this class is amazing. It’s super easy and enjoyable, especially if you like to write. I’d definitely recommend it. I’m a news writer, so I like the interaction with the other students in the school and getting their side of what’s going on,” says Pritts.

Mrs. Mickler also runs a wide variety of clubs, such as Interact Club. Interact is a club centered around volunteering and getting involved within the community. It’s great for anyone who needs National Honor Society points or anyone who just wants to be more involved.

The school’s largest club–with almost a hundred members–is centered around helping the community and school.

“Interact Club is a great way to get involved in the school and community, as well as to meet new people. We participate in a lot of events with the Struthers Rotary, which include our most successful events like the Pancake Breakfast and Oktoberfest. My main role in the club is to go to as many events as possible and handle signups and organization. Interacting is a great way to get involved,” says Mickler.

There’s such a wide variety of different ways to become involved at Struthers, whether you’re a sports person or not. These are only a select few of the many clubs and electives that are available to join.