Briana Best, Entertainment Writer

Have you ever had a secret that you felt was amazing and not being able to share it with the world?

“Raising Dion” is a TV series on Netflix with two seasons. “Raising Dion” is about a second grade boy, living with only his mother supporting him after his father passed away. Dion (Ja’Siah Young) discovered that he had an incredible ability of having superpowers. He has no idea how to control them, and neither does his mother, so they go through some complications. With that being said, they turned to a trusted and close family friend to help them out, Pat (Jason Ritter). While they started to learn how to control Dion’s powers, they realized they had another complication. They found out that they were not the only ones who knew about Dion’s powers and they had someone serious to worry about. Dion called him “The Crooked Man.” After facing some serious challenges between keeping Dion safe as well as his loved ones, it got interesting. Later in the series, towards the end they come to find out “The Crooked Man ” turned out to be one of their trusted friends, Pat.

A good thing this series did was make one of the trusted family friends have superpowers as well, but they had him keep the secret towards the end when he outed himself by turning into “The Crooked Man.” As well as Dion in the beginning not being able to control his powers, Pat never learned to control his. It was the darkest parts of Pat plus an evil power he had no control over. This just made the series even better and more interesting.

A downfall was how many scenes they had that Dion had to fight against “The Crooked Man” powers. Some of the scenes they added while Dion had to fight against him were a little corny and could have been made better. They definitely could have added more suspense in them, as well as made those scenes more intriguing. They would have made the series longer, being that they decided to cancel the show.

Overall, this show is recommended to anyone who likes drama and suspense as well as maybe a little bit of action. It will definitely surprise you. It deserves a 8/10.