Vanessa Cicozi, Entertainment Writer

Director Corin Hardy gave horror fans a supernatural gothic film in 2018 called “The Nun.”

“The Nun” is based in Romania 1952 where two nuns are living at the Saint Crathas Monastery. One nun decided to go into a tunnel to get an ancient Christian relic which only made her become attacked by an evil force. Sister Victoria tries to run from the spirit until she sees it appearing as a nun and soon hangs herself. “Frenchie” finds the nun which makes Father Burke and Sister Irene arrive at Saint Carthas to learn that the spirit has been summoned by the duke. 

The movie stars a very famous actor within the horror genre Taissa Farmiga who plays Sister Irene. Besides starring in “The Nun,” Taissa plays Violet in “American Horror Story.” Other than starring in well known horror films, Taissa is known as the little sister of Vera Farmiga who plays in the famous series “The Conjuring.” Demián Bichir is a Mexican actor who plays Father Burke and also stars in other famous horror movies. The movie includes Bonnie Aarons as Valak who stars in the famous comedy, “The Princess Diaries.” Bonnie also had an appearance in “The Conjuring” series making the connection and creation of “The Nun.”

Other than starring famous horror celebrities, “The Nun” is well known for the plot. The movie consists of a young nun taking her life in the monastery making Father Burke and Sister Irene travel to Romania to investigate and uncover the unholy secret. A villager named Frenchie discovers the nun which he then notifies The Vatican about the situation. When Burke and Irene arrived at the monastery they not only risked their lives but their soul and faith. Sister Irene learns from Sister Oana that the evil spirit was created by the duke of Saint Carthas and realized she wasn’t talking to anyone, making her the only sister in the monastery. After Sister Irene stopped praying she was nearly killed by Valak until Father Burke stopped Valak with a cross and a prayer. Frenchie then arrives at the scene only to be taken over by Valak which makes Father Burke and Sister Irene perform an exorcism to finally end Valak.

The rating of “The Nun” is 7/10. It is recommended for anyone who enjoys horror films  and those who like “The Conjuring” series.