Mia Clyde, Entertainment Writer

The well-loved TV series “One Tree Hill” amazed the world with its remarkable season one that premiered on September 23rd, 2003.

Season One of  “One Tree Hill” features Chad Michael Murray (Lucas Scott), James Lafferty (Nathan Scott), Hilarie Burton (Peyton Sawyer), Bethany Joy Lenz (Haley James) and Sophia Bush (Brooke Davis). During this season, Lucas, a fun-loving seventeen-year-old, has always enjoyed playing basketball at the River Court in his town of Tree Hill with his friends. While he isn’t at the River Court, he is hanging out with his childhood best friend, Hayley, at his mom’s cafe. As he is known for being the best player at the River Court, Lucas’s uncle Keith gets him a tryout for the Tree Hill Ravens basketball team, coached by Old Whitey Durham. As Lucas considers trying out, he realizes he will have to deal with his half-brother Nathan Scott and his father Dan Scott, both who are not a big part in his life due to Dan leaving Lucas’s mother when he was born. As Nathan realizes Lucas is trying out for the team, he challenges him to a one-on-one game at his very own River Court to see if he can join the team or not. As Lucas proves everyone wrong by winning the game, he catches the eye of  beautiful, blonde cheerleader Peyton. As the season progresses, the drama only continues in the town of Tree Hill. 

With a fortunate season one, a big part in that success was the blooming romantic relationship between Lucas’s half brother, Nathan and best friend, Haley. A few episodes in, Nathan’s hatred for Lucas progressed as he joined the team, leading him to want to retaliate. To get back at Lucas, Nathan began getting closer to Haley through tutoring. As Haley quickly developed feelings for Nathan, she realized he was only trying to get closer to her to annoy Lucas. Once Nathan realized he had the same feelings for Haley as she did for him, he reconciled with Haley and their relationship from that point took off. Fans grew obsessed with the relationship and only wanted more. At the end of the season, Nathan and Haley decide to get married because of how strong their love was. This began for more people to watch the show because of the rareness of teenage marriage and initially renewed the show for a season two.

 Additionally, a huge part of season one was Lucas and Nathan’s development. When the season aired, Lucas and Nathan’s hatred for each other only ever came from their father, Dan, not from one another. Realizing that, it made them want to reconcile their differences on and off the court. Furthering that, another part that made them become more “brotherly” was Nathan’s relationship with Haley. When Haley began to have feelings for Nathan, she convinced Lucas that he actually had a good side to him but was just too afraid to show it because of the tough act he put on. Haley also began to change Nathan for the better, making him want to put his differences aside with Lucas. The season ends with them becoming better friends, teammates and even brothers. 

All in all, season one of “One Tree Hill” was addicting and memorable in so many ways. It changed so many things about the main characters for the better. Personally, this season is the most iconic of the franchise and one of the best. The series is recommended for ages fourteen and up and most enjoyed by teens. It is one of the most well loved seasons and is a phenomenal start to the legacy of “One Tree Hill.”