Abby Donnadio, Entertainment Writer

Always watch who your best friends are, they could be catfish killers just like Jane was.

In the “Catfish Killer,” Hannah (Nicolette Langley) wants to go to Kenzer University. It is a very expensive college she couldn’t afford. It was against her and six other people to get the scholarship. Once Hannah got the scholarship, she and her friends went to celebrate at a bowling alley. Her friend Jane (Emary Simon) signed her up on a texting app and told her she can text people who go to Kenzer, but it was all a set-up. Hannah met some guy James (Jerod Power) on the app, and they started texting here and there. Another guy named Eli (Jason Marrs) wanted the scholarship and confronted Hannah about it. A bunch of things started happening to her; someone logged into her account and messed up all of her essays to Kenzer to make it look like she doesnt care to try and make the school take away the scholarship. Hannah thought it was Eli because he told her he wanted it. She also thought it was James because flowers showed up at her door, but she was confused because she didn’t tell James where she lived. Eli was the runner up for the scholarship, and Jane was second. Jane killed Eli and didn’t tell anyone. Then Jane and Hannah hung out and she drugged Hannah to try and kill her so she could get the scholarship. Luckily, Hannah’s mom showed up and called the police before Jane had the chance to kill Hannah.

The actors in this movie were really good. There were so many climaxes in this movie, and it can easily catch the watchers attention. At every point of the movie, the characters were doing things to make the watcher think that the catfish was someone else every time. This can make the watcher want to keep watching to find out who it was.

One thing that wasn’t good about this movie is that it all ended once the catfish killer was caught. It was only an hour long, and they should have made it longer or seasons instead of a movie. Everything happened so quickly, and the movie was rushed. There were more good parts in the movie than bad.

This movie deserves a rating of 5/5. This movie is very recommended, and it is easy to catch on quickly.