Zander "Z" Parrish, Entertainment Writer

Everyone everywhere all over the world talks nonstop about flat Earthers. What is a flat Earther? It is a person who has been deceived by the media that our planet is not circular and not shaped like a globe. They think that this world is….flat.

NASA decided to test their reasons with multiple experiments. The first reason? You can take a boat to the edge of the world. Several boats went out to the “edge,” only to find nothing, only more water and the next continent.

The second reason? The maps are flat. NASA used satellites to pan around the Earth to determine if Earth was truly flat. What they found….was something extraordinary.

A new planet. Surprisingly not that far from the solar system. It looked exactly like Earth, but it was completely flat. NASA later revealed this information to the public, and everyone freaked out.

Unfortunately, due to how science works, the flat Earth exploded.