Brooke Adams

Mr. Slepski is new to the high school, but not the district.

Kaylyn Vlosich, Feature Writer

David Slepski was previously a health and physical education teacher at Struthers Middle School but is now Struthers High School’s newest addition. Slepski looks back on what he has learned and experienced from his time playing basketball in high school, not just in a student’s gym class.

Slepski played basketball at Poland Seminary High School, Struthers’ biggest rival. Slepski graduated in 1984, but only played until his sophomore year. After playing many different sports, he feels that basketball is what stuck with him the most. 

Even though he was 5’6’’ and inexperienced in his years as an athlete, his love for basketball never died because of the aspect of the game and the lessons learned.

“I learned discipline, organizational skills, teamwork and cooperation,” says Slespki. 

The Poland Seminary alumni was respected by the student body in high school since basketball was the main sport alongside football. 

His basketball team was not only respected for the sport, but for gaining a winning season. 

“Our freshman year, we beat Mooney for the MVC title [currently known as NE8],” says Slepski.

The former Bulldog gives thanks to two coaches his 7th grade year for positively impacting his attitude and skills. Throughout his basketball career, shin splints affected him greatly and served as his only injury. 

Slepski learned many lessons in his basketball career that have stuck with him years later. 

“Always try to improve your game. Everyone has a role to play, either on offense or defense,” says Slepski.