Brooke Adams

Mr. Matzye is the co-advisor of the Math Club and is a math teacher at SHS.

Bryson Vince, Feature Writer

Mr. Matzye has been a teacher at Struthers High School for 32 years.

The veteran teacher wanted to be a teacher because he always wanted to coach sports and help students learn.

Matzye enjoys teaching math because of how much fun it could be and how much money could be made with math.

“Math makes sense if you allow yourself to understand it.  I always say “Math is Money,” literally,” says Matzye.

The most frustrating part of teaching is when the students that he is teaching do not care about themselves.

The Yankees fan wants to see all of his students succeed because it will benefit them in the future.\

“Confidence goes a long way. Try to make them understand it is for their benefit.  Be proud to succeed,” says the Math Club advisor.

One thing that he would change about the school’s environment would be for others to follow positive students and to not let the students act like fools. 

Matzye has plans to retire and has started a couple of new businesses to continue to make money.

“I’m planning to retire in three years and start a second or even third business to make ends meet,” says the Struthers teacher.

Some of his interests outside of school are his family, golf, RC cars and just relaxing.