Brooke Adams

Robert Carcelli is looking forward to another successful football season.

Gianna Taaffe, Feature Writer

Football player Robert Carcelli is a sophomore in high school and is ready to take on his junior year season of football.

Carcelli trains hard during his off-season to prepare himself and the team for the upcoming season in hopes to get far. 

Robert has high expectations for the conference and beyond.

“I believe we can win the NE8 and make a run in the playoffs,” says Carcelli.

#6 has plans for the season; his sophomore season ends and he is in the gym again training. 

Robert practices hard getting himself and the team prepared for a winning season next year.

“I am mainly just lifting weights right now, but I’m going to be getting back on the field running routes and doing other drills with some teammates very soon,” says the player

The receiver is in hopes to keep the team in a good spot by helping them and encouraging them the whole season. 

As Carcelli turns into an upperclassman, his role steps up. As a role model to the newer players, he needs to carry on the legacy.

Carcelli says,”I just think we need to carry on what the past seniors did for us this past season,” says the sophomore. 

Carcelli has big plans for his junior season. He is ready to start the season and get back to what they left off.