Mya Neider, Feature Writer

At Struthers High School, Mia Clyde had a strong first half of the year.

Stepping into high school as a freshman can be hard for some because you have the youngest title. Once that title goes away, school becomes better.

Clyde didn’t like being the youngest in the school, but now as a sophomore she is excited. 

“Sophomore year has been different because it is a lot harder than freshman year and there is so much more work in all of my classes. I like it better, though, because I am not the youngest in the school anymore,” says Clyde.

One of the main goals for students is to get good grades. Athletes’ goals are to make varsity and become better. 

Clyde’s goals are to keep her grades up and make varsity cheer next season.

“My goals this year are to get all A’s and to make varsity cheer later in the year again for my junior year,” says Clyde.

Everyone gets inspired to do something and focuses on it. Even kids get influenced and act on it.

When she was younger, Clyde saw cheerleaders and knew she was going to become one.

“I got inspired to start cheer because I grew up watching the cheerleaders at the football and basketball games and always wanted to be them. They always looked so cool doing flips, and I wanted to be able to do that so badly,” says Clyde.