Brooke Adams

Laci Ekoniak, junior, is a varsity cheerleader for the Cats.

Marisa Orbin, Feature Writer

Laci Ekoniak is a 17 year-old junior at Struthers High School. 

Ekoniak is a part of the SHS cheer team and has been involved in cheer for over 13 years. This year for the cheer team, they were able to compete against other schools in a cheer competition. Ekoniak and her team are ready to take first place. 

The SHS cheerleader mentions how long they practiced.

“We prepared the past months with multiple practices a week,” says the cheerleader. 

With the hard practices that the girls have been working on, they have been on the mindset on doing the best they can. They competed against Lisbon, and there were other teams from all over the area. 

As stated, this was the first time in a while that the SHS cheer team has been able to compete. The team was very thankful for their opportunity as they were allowed to stunt, tumble and jump. But just as the team was practicing, so did the other teams, maybe just as hard as Struthers. But, the cheerleaders were ready and excited. 

Ekoniak explained why shewass excited for the competition.

“I was definitely most excited to see the other teams’ routines and see who all places,” says the cheerleader.

The team took home first place in its division and overall.