Morgan Minno, Feature Writer

Junior Andrew Kopnicky has been pushing through his junior year of basketball. He has been playing basketball for nine years and hasn’t stopped playing since. He plays small forward and also power forward and is a part of both the varsity and junior varsity team. 

Kopnicky is very excited for the upcoming rival game against Poland and cannot wait to see what his team has in store. 

“I am so excited to play against our rival team Poland because we only play them twice out of the whole season,” says Kopnicky. 

Kopnicky can’t wait to see what the future holds for him as a basketball player. He looks up to so many players from the past years like Ronnie Leonard and also senior Nick Delgratta. Kopnicky’s brother was the one who inspired him to play and is still his biggest inspiration to this day. 

He works very hard at practice and also feels his team gets along very well during games and also practices. 

“I think we all get along very well because we have all been playing together since little league in not just basketball, but football as well,” says Kopnicky. 

Kopnicky is looking forward to his senior year in basketball and is planning on playing after high school. Basketball is the only sport he’s ever played, but it is his favorite sport. He hopes that the upcoming boys basketball players will work hard and always listen to the coaches on how to play the game. 

He hopes for a great rest of the season and hopes something will come out of it in the end. 

“I love how I have gotten so close with all of my teammates, and I am so excited for the future and what it holds for me,” says Kopnicky.