Brooke Adams

Austin McCullough is a senior on the boys’ basketball team.

Sophia Kavouras, Feature Editor

Austin McCullough is a senior basketball player for the Wildcats, and he plays small forward. 

He has been playing basketball since the third grade with his friends. 

The Wildcats took on our rivals the Poland Bulldogs Friday January 6th. McCullough was ready for this match up. 

“I was ready for this game because you are closer with a lot of the players, and it is a rivalry that has been going on since we were little,” said McCoullough.

The basketball player is ready to get on the court one last time in Poland for his senior year. 

“I was ready to play my last game in the Poland gym because it is a fun place to play, and there is always fan interaction. It’s a tough place to play so it’s always a good challenge,” he said.

The Poland gym is always loud and exciting. McCullough expected a lot from the fans and students. 

“I expected lots of energy and lots of intensity from the fans and students at the game,” said McCullough.

McCullough’s favorite game against the Bulldogs was his freshman year because of the intensity it brought. 

“The atmosphere was great and fun to watch,” said McCullough.

The Poland gym is definitely a fan favorite from the senior, but he enjoys the Home gym way more.
“I like playing at home rather than being at away games, and Poland fans still tend to travel,” said McCullough.

#14’s favorite thing about playing against Poland is how much more the fans and students get more involved in the game. 

“The atmosphere and how the school gets more involved around the rival games,” said McCullough. 

The basketball player believed the Wildcats will take the win from the Bulldogs in this match up. 

The Cats took the win on Friday the 6th winning 62-58. 

The Wildcats are currently 6-1 in winning games over the past four years and are looking to advance to 7-1 against the Bulldogs on January 31st.