Brooke Adams

Mr. Bruno is a social studies teacher at SHS.

Laci Ekoniak, Feature Writer

Who’s your favorite NFL football team?

Mr. Bruno: Miami Dolphins

If you had to play a sport, which sport would it be?

Mr. Bruno: Baseball

Who’s your favorite college football team?

Mr. Bruno: Notre Dame

Have you ever been to an NFL football game or college football game?

Mr. Bruno: Yes, Miami Dolphins and Notre Dame

Did you ever play sports as a kid, and if you did what sports were they?

Mr. Bruno: Yes, baseball and basketball

Would you rather catch the game winning touchdown or throw the game winning touchdown? Why?

Mr. Bruno: Catch the game winning touchdown. The thrill of crossing the endzone with the ball in hand!

What is the most dangerous sport in your opinion? Why?

Mr. Bruno: Pro football because players are bigger, faster and stronger

In your opinion, what is the hardest sport to play? Why?

Mr. Bruno: Soccer because I’m not used to using my feet to control a ball