Gianna Cannon, Feature Writer

Mr. Dailey has taught in the Struthers City School District for the last 16 years. 

Graduating from Boardman High School, the educator gained his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Youngstown State University. Before becoming a teacher, Dailey underestimated the amount of time it takes to develop lesson plans and grade student work outside of school. He feels as though teaching has helped him to gain more patience in his personal life.

As a history teacher, Dailey’s favorite part of teaching is the discussions his students have as a class.

“I enjoy when students ask questions based on curiosity or share stories from history that they find fascinating,” says the instructor.

Several years ago, the Struthers administration decided to offer and develop AP classes due to students’ high demand. They felt that AP Government in particular would be a good opportunity for students to earn college credit while also earning their high school credit.

The course differs from regular history classes in terms of the qualities each student must obtain. 

“This course requires the students to be more independent and self-driven to be successful.  There is more homework, reading assignments and writing assignments compared to the traditional classes.  In addition, the tests and quizzes are more challenging,” says the AP government teacher. 

Dailey is an adviser of LINK, a program to help freshmen adjust to high school with the help of upperclassmen. He works alongside Mrs. Nicholas (who implemented the program). 

Although it is only Dailey’s second year advising LINK, he feels strongly about the program and is passionate about its intentions. 

“We hope to provide support and connections for freshman students as they transition into high school. This LINK program also gives many opportunities for our upperclassmen to take ownership of their school and set the culture of Struthers High School,” says the adviser. 

If any upcoming juniors or seniors are interested in joining the LINK Crew, Dailey suggests that students develop experiences and a reputation of being a positive influence and example in our school prior to applying. He recommends getting involved, keeping  your grades up, holding strong attendance and having positive character.