Brooke Adams

Nadia Galazia is a junior varsity cheerleader for the Cats.

Natalie Burosky, Feature Writer

Sophomore Nadia Galazia is a JV cheerleader for football and has been cheering for eight years. 

Galazia has been cheering with the same friends since she cheered for the Hardhats. 

Galazia enjoys being able to play her favorite sport with the people she loves being around.

“My favorite part of cheering is the people; I get to do it with some of my best friends. Just cheering since I was little, I did it with the same girls I do today, and that is something that I enjoy,” says Galazia. 

Galazia and her teammates had their first competition at the end of January. 

She was very excited to be able to compete with her friends.

“I was looking forward to the cheer competition because it was the first time competing with this group of girls,” said Galazia. 

Cheerleading isn’t always easy; every sport comes with challenges that you have to overcome. 

The hardest part for Galazia is learning new things. 

“At cheer camp there is a lot of learning new stunts, and it is hard on some of us,” says Galazia.