Megan Nicholas

(Left to Right): Ella-Grace Stiver, Anthony Carter, Christian Pascarella, Ava Croyle, Samantha Minno

Mia Rodriguez, News Writer

Struthers High School students are still making amazing impressions to stand out and win Students of the Month for November.

As students get deeper into the school year, some may start to lose care and not feel the need to act responsible anymore. Although, these select students still are proving themselves to the teachers and the rest of the school. While a lot of the other students may start to lose care, Ella Stiver, Anthony Carter, Christian Pascarella, Ava Croyle, and Samantha Minno, keep on striving.

Sophomore, Ava Croyle, is excited to be recognized and keeps on working toward her academic goals.

“I’m grateful that I was chosen for Student of the Month. I also participate in classes a lot and do my best all the time,” says Croyle.

When people get recognized, some might think it’s because they have good grades, or they do all of their work. However, sometimes that’s not the case. Students can also be rewarded for their behavioral acts and showing their dedication to the school. A lot of students can help others or always make sure everyone around them is okay, and this is what stands out to teachers a lot more.

Mr. Day is beyond proud of the students that got recognized and the acts that these students do amaze him.

“It is awesome that Students of the Month are nominated by the teachers and also voted on by the teachers, which makes me even more proud of the students,” says Day.

A lot of these students should be remembered, and even though they only get picked for one month, they are role models in the school all year. Others look up to their peers and try to follow in their footsteps. Students in high school often forget what it’s like to be a role model, but these select students every month keep the greatness in the school going.

Mr. Day is glad to see students being leaders in the school and knows what it is like to be a good leader.

“A good leader in my eyes, is someone who is the best version of themselves, all the time, even when no one is watching,” says the principal.