Mrs. Mickler

Last year, students enjoyed Christmas Karaoke in Mrs. Mickler’s room.

Jolene Pritts, News Writer

Last year, the Holiday Half Day was such a big hit that it came back this year on December 20th.

The Holiday Half Day is a day where students can go to different classrooms. The students do fun activities and games that the teachers provide. The teachers spend their time making everything perfect.

There are many teachers and students that participate in the Holiday Half Day for fun activities.

“We chose to make ornaments because some of our students and other students requested us to do that. It will be fun to create something that students can keep forever,” says Ms. Brigid Edwards and Mrs. Monus.

Students signed up on Google Classroom. There was a form for the students to sign into. Each day, students will list their top three sessions.

A lot of students find the classroom activities fun yet relaxing.

“I am excited because last year it was relaxing and me and my friends didn’t have to focus on our studies but simply what we were doing in the classroom at that time; and I look forward to not having to worry about school work,”says Senior Arica Robertson.

It is truly a blast for everyone.

“I expect to create something to have at home and something I can have with me,” says Barrett.

Students are allowed to bring different kinds of snacks to school. Some of the teachers will have snacks for the students. There are also some teachers who will have drinks such as hot chocolate. The Holiday Half Day is a day for students to not have to do work and for students to have fun and interact with other students/teachers.