The SHS Band marched in the Disney parade in November.

Carley Johnston, News Writer

The Struthers music department began their twenty-two hour journey down to Orlando, on Friday, November 18th.

The Sound of Struthers Marching Band and the Struthers Starlight Singers were given the amazing opportunity to perform down in Disney World. Along with the performances, they also were able to explore each of the four parks. They arrived in Orlando at about seven o’clock in the morning on Saturday, and shortly after, they were given the day to explore Epcot.

Mary Williams is a senior in the marching band, as well as a drumline member. This is her second time going to disney with the music department, as she went as an eighth grader as well.

“It was really cool getting to see a small glimpse of each little world and its culture. I enjoyed being at Epcot; it was one of the better days of the trip. Animal Kingdom was my favorite park, but Epcot was fun too,” says Williams.

After an exhausting day at Epcot, they arrived at the hotel and did everything again the next day. Sunday, November 20th was designated to explore Hollywood Studios, and it was also the Show Choir’s performance day. The Show Choir performed later that afternoon in Disney Springs. Weather wasn’t the greatest this day, but as the day went on the weather cleared up, and it was fine for the performance.

Connor Pavliko is a senior soloist in Show Choir, who also marched with the band, holding the banner that was received in the Magic Kingdom.

“The weather was a little unfortunate, which messed with my mood a little because I didn’t have a poncho, but I made the best of it. I performed with the Show Choir in Disney Springs, and I think it went pretty well. Even though Animal Kingdom was my favorite park, because it was the least stressful and most enjoyable, Hollywood Studios was still fun too. Overall, I’d rate the whole trip about 7.5/10,” says Pavliko.

The third day of the trip was the most anticipated; it was Magic Kingdom and the band performance day. The group was given the day to explore the park, and then they marched later that night. After the performance, we returned back to the park and watched the fireworks above the castle.

Destiney Corbett, is a junior who was on the trip, and is a part of the color guard and show choir.

“It was a little stressful, but overall it was fun. I think we performed well, and it was just a surreal and amazing experience. Seeing the castle was my absolute favorite part of the trip. The fireworks were so pretty that I cried a little, and it was really cool to see the other bands and performers parading through the park throughout the day,” says Corbett.

The last day arrived, and it was the day everyone wore the matching Disney shirts and explored Animal Kingdom. After packing the buses and leaving the hotel, everyone headed out to Animal Kingdom to enjoy the last day of the trip.

Emma Hawkins is a sophomore show choir soloist, a drum major, and the daughter of the band director, Mr. Josh Hawkins.

“Animal Kingdom was my favorite park because it was the best day and it had the most stuff to do. My favorite part was the Avatar ride. The overall experience was fine and enjoyable, although a little stressful at times. It was more fun with my family, but it was nice to have my dad on the trip too,” says Hawkins.

Although it was stressful at times, it was such an amazing opportunity to be able to perform and explore the parks. The bus rides were rough, but they made the best of it. The Sound of Struthers and The SHS Starlight singers are now back home and making the finishing touches for their winter concerts and performances.

Bella Sferra, is a junior who was on the trip, and performed with both the band and Show Choir.

“I’m very glad for the opportunity we all had, and I think we all did a great job on our respective days. I really hope we are given an opportunity to perform like that again,” says Sferra.