Tank Davis and Hector Garcia battle it out on January 7.

Ayden Isabella, Sports Writer

January 7th is an important date for both of these fighters as they will be one of the first big fights in boxing for the year 2023.

Both of these fighters have an undefeated record. So it’s evident that one of them will be losing their 0 on January 7th (An individual’s 0, in boxing terms, is taking their undefeated record). Hector Garica being 16-0 with 10 knockouts, and Tank Davis being 27-0 with 25 knockouts.

Many people are thinking this is going to be an easy fight for Davis, mainly because he has the superior record. So, many of Davis’s fans are already talking about his next fight later this year with undefeated Garcia being 23-0 with 19 knockouts. Davis wants to make an example out of Garcia to show how he is moving forward this year and constantly improving.

Davis has a lot of pressure with this fight that people don’t realize. He has a lot of eyes on him this fight, to see what he is going to be fighting like this year. If he doesn’t knockout Garcia like he’s consistently been doing in other fights, then he is going to be talked down upon. If he loses, he’s going to be called washed up. So his only option in this fight is an early round knockout as predicted.

A popular combat sport brand DAZN asked Garcia’s trainer how he felt about these predictions.

“There’s always a possibility. People are saying tune-up, people are calling this an interim fight, but this is a qualified fighter. Doesn’t mean he’s good enough to beat Gervonta Davis, but if Gervonta wins, give him a lot of credit just for taking this fight before a big fight,” says Garcia’s trainer.

Garica has started to grow a fanbase. Making his debut appearance December 16th of 2016 and winning. Becoming a more popular fighter after the pandemic in 2021 he is now 16-0 with 10 knockouts. Hector and his team will be an overnight success story and one of the best underdog wins in boxing history if they walk away with this win. Tank did take this fight on short notice, but Davis has double the experience in the professional ring compared to Garica.

This fight is all for Davis winning and the people know it. Can Garcia shock the world?

“Gervonta Davis opens as a -1600 favorite against Hector Luis Garcia at +820; “Tank” Davis has a KO win ratio of 92.5% (25 KOs), ” says a fan on

It’s always a puncher’s chance in the world of boxing. Never doubt or count out anyone in this sport. Hector might not have as impressive a record as Tank but he’s fought many skilled and experienced fighters. But Davis has also beaten veteran fighters.