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Nikola Jokic was out with COVID this season.

Adam Grewe, Sports Writer

Nuggets MVP Nikola Jokic came down with Covid-19 on Tuesday, November 15 at the Ball Arena, ruling him out for the next game until two negative tests.

The Nuggets will have to prepare for their next game without Jokic.

The rules for the NBA protocol on Covid have caused Jokic to have to be out.

Jokic described Covid as not being bad at all due to the healthy shape that he is in.

“It was not difficult at all. I was home. I work out every day. I enjoy every day. So, it was actually not that bad,” says Jokic.

Even without Jokic, his teammates can still play the game the way they have been playing since the beginning of the season.

Head Coach Micheal Malone believes his guys are capable of getting through this time with no issue.

“We’ve been down plenty of guys before. There’s no feeling sorry for us. We have a job to do,” Malone said. “The guys that are available, go out there and do your job to the best of your ability. (It’s) a great opportunity for a lot of guys to get some minutes to play,” says Coach Malone.

The Nuggets will play the Dallas Mavericks on Friday.

Right now the Nuggets will have to wait and see what the team is going to be able to do on Friday night.

“We’ll have to wait and see how it goes, “ said Malone.