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Sophia Previte is a member of the girls’ varsity bowling team.

Clare Coppola, Sports Writer

The Wildcats bowling team went to Columbus on December 3rd for the state kickoff tournament.

The girls made it to the second round.

The girls’ bowling team went to Columbus for the kickoff bowling tournament. The girls did really well. They came in 14th overall, and they took the top 16th. They played the 3rd seed which was Perkins (Sandusky). Sofia Previte is a sophomore this year and a starter for the bowling team she finished 47th out of 141 girls.

Previte was asked about how Saturday went.

“I think Saturday we did pretty good. Even though we advanced, there’s always room for us to do better,” said Previte.

Out of 141 girls the girls all placed in the top 100, Mackinzie Allen placed 32nd, Arlene Groves placed 42nd, Sofia Previte placed 47th, Mackenzie Granger placed 92nd, Marry Williams placed 98th and Clare Coppola placed 100th.

Previte reflects on how the team performed.

“I think as a team we need to stop getting so down on ourselves if we throw bad or have a bad game, especially when it’s early in the match or tournament. That just brings us down and sometimes makes us do worse because we get so stuck on that one bad throw or game,” says Previte.

On Saturday, it was a big deal for both teams because it can show how much potential the team has this year and how good we can do this season. Our coaches have worked really hard to get us to this point and helped everyone to be the best they can be.

Previte offers advice to people who might be on the fence about joining a team or club.

“Don’t be scared to join as many sports or clubs as you can because that’s where you are gonna meet some of your best friends and most of the time it’s people you have never even spoken to or expect to get so close with,” says Previte.