Olive Garden

The Olive Garden is a casual Italian restaurant.

Olivia Tondy, Entertainment Writer

Well-known Italian Restaurant Olive Garden has been in business since 1982 and is famous for their breadsticks. 

Olive Garden has many more things than their famously warm bread sticks such as their endless different kinds of pasta, soups, unlimited salads, chicken, seafood and desserts. Olive Garden was originally founded on December 13th, 1982, in Orlando, Florida. Olive Garden is one of the best chain restaurants that will always have a special place in most people’s hearts. 

A positive aspect about Olive Garden would be the unlimited salads, endless pasta offerings and those famously warm, soft breadsticks that make customers feel like family. Olive Garden has the “all you can eat,” meaning you can get as many servings of whatever you choose for a great price. 

Another positive thing about Olive Garden is the friendly atmosphere. Olive Garden is a very welcoming place and the workers are always happy when greeting customers. Olive Garden is a great place for some family time amazing food. Olive Garden’s are normally very spacious and are very fast paced at getting you your food.

Overall, Olive Garden is a good place for family time and dinner. It is rated 10/10.