The Browns rallied to beat the Buckaneers on December 4.

Robert Carcelli, Sports Writer

The Cleveland Browns beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to improve their record to 4-7 on Sunday, December 4.

This game was a must win for both teams as the Browns needed to get into the playoffs, and the Bucs needed to keep their #1 seed in a close NFC South race.

The last game was QB Jacoby Brissett’s last start before Deshaun Watson came back to start. The off-season was very confusing for the team due to the antics that came along with trading for Watson.

The Browns did what they needed to and went out and got their veteran QB to lead the season for the first 11 games.

“I knew I was the right person for it,” says Brissett when asked about filling in for Watsons suspension.

Per usual, Nick Chubb played to prove his point as the best running back in the NFL. With 116 yards and one touchdown, the RB’s touchdown won the game in overtime.

This spectacular performance led to his fourth 1000 rushing season in a row.

“Talked to Derrick (Henry) during the week, and I said, ‘How’s the best running back on the planet?’ And he said, ‘No, that’s Nick Chubb,’” says sportscaster Mike Tirico. This quote is coming from another one of the best Running Backs in the league, showing the mutual respect between the two.

Everyone began to look past this win very quickly as the following week, QB Deshaun Watson’s 11 game suspension will finally be over. People have very high expectations for the QB.

Watson will take over the QB mantle immediately and will first practice on Wednesday. He will open up against his former team, the Houston Texans.

“We are all excited; we have all waited a long time for him to come back, but it is the same thing. We have to go out there, we have to work, can’t get too distracted by anything and keep the main thing the main thing.” says Browns RB Nick Chubb.

The Browns (4-7) look to improve their record and will take on the Houston Texans(1-9-1) in Houston next week with Deshaun Watson finally back under center.