Brooke Adams

Brady Clyde is a senior on the boys’ basketball team.

Devin Braham, Sports Writer

The Cats had their first game back for the new season against Warren G Harding on Saturday, December 3rd.

They sadly lost a close game against Warren G Harding.

They played a hard game but just couldn’t hold on in the end.

“We just gave up the lead and couldn’t make our foul shots,” says senior player Brady Clyde.

The Warren game was very close but the Cats just couldn’t finish in the end, but now they’re working hard to make sure they don’t lose again.

The Cats–after losing their first game–have to work hard to win the conference once again.

“We need to make our shots when they matter the most,” says Clyde after being asked about what the team needed to work on.

The Wildcats are ready to play their next game against South Range. They are going to work hard and make sure they come out with a win.

The Cats are preparing to beat South Range to set the tone for the season.

“Get a good full week of practice in and we will come prepared for South Range Friday,” says Clyde after being asked about how the Cats expect to bounce back.