Zander "Z" Parrish, Entertainment Writer

It was Christmas Eve. Everyone was asleep in their warm beds in their comfortable and festive homes in Youngstown, Ohio. All the kids were eager for their presents the next morning and were totally excited for the clothes and socks they never wanted.

However, the next morning, no gifts were under any of the trees! The kids were devastated, and the parents were confused.  They flicked the switch to their old-fashioned 1920’s box televisions and turned on the news channel and found a shocking discovery!

The news channel shows a mugshot of Santa Claus himself. The reporter states that an officer of the law arrested poor Santa for “Breaking and Entering” and “Vandalism.” The kids pouted and cried, something Santa told them they better not do. The parents facepalmed in anger.

The news reporter then showed a new image of Santa happily walking out of the police station and stated that he was later released and all charges were dropped. The officer who arrested Santa was named “Kevin McGrinch,” and he was known for his ugly green skin. The officer just hated Christmas and arrested Santa for no reason and was later fired.

And just like that, the Grinch stole Christmas.

Oh, and the TV blew up.