Vince Boila, Sports Writer

Browns Quarterback Deshaun Watson made his long-awaited return on Sunday, December 4th in Houston, Texas to finally give the Browns that needed quarterback play.

The Browns are finally getting to play with their quarterback after his 13-game suspension to help keep their playoff hopes alive and stay in the hunt after they get their guy back.

Nobody expected Watson to come out and play like his old all-pro self after not playing for nearly 700 days then a 13-game suspension.

Watson played a little rusty and had his ups and downs on Sunday in Houston, but made the best out of it and still got the win.

Watson states how it felt to play again after the long 700 days of waiting to play again finally.

“I felt every single one of those 700 days,” says Watson.

Watson is keeping his eye on the goal even while trying to fight back and crawl out of his slump which was expected from just about everyone.

Watson made it clear what his intentions are every week no matter the circumstances.

“It was a tough situation, the suspension was tough but at the same time my main focus is we are just trying to be 1-0 as a football player today,” says Watson.

Head Coach Kevin Stefanski had said earlier in the week that Watson must and is worrying about Sunday, but is taking it a day at a time as he finds his groove again.

Stefanski says Watson is worried about Wednesday, then Thursday, then Friday and then Sunday.

“I don’t think I can predict that type of thing, but I know this, he is focusing on his work. Really in any endeavor, you have to focus on your preparation for Sunday. You can’t really worry about Sunday until you worry about Wednesday,” says Stefanski.