Madison Marshall, Entertainment Writer

The big movie series ¨The Purge¨ is slowly getting less popular over the years. 

“The Purge” is a 1 hour and 38 minute long horror film about how they let all crime legal even murder for a 12-hour time period. The purge rules are that “You can’t harm government officials above ‘Class 4’ and police and emergency services are suspended.” In the movie, when the purge alarms are announced, people close up their doors with fancy technology made to survive it.

“The Purge” took only 19 days to shoot, and they were given $2.7 million to work with. Every purge movie is different with the costume theme. This purge has “The Horned Mask.”  Basically, the purge is kill or be killed.

A lot of horror movie lovers don’t consider “The Purge” as a horror movie because they don’t think the movies are scary enough or have enough jumpscares. But “The Purge” is one of the longest lasting horror film series out there. They just came out with one last year called “The Forever Purge.”

All together, “The Purge” is recommended for tweens and up who love a little scare. It is rated a 7/10.